Three-Way Silencer/Converters

Emissions and Silencer Technology (EST) is a custom manufacturer of high performance 3-way catalytic converters for rich-burn natural gas industrial engines.  Our catalytic converters offer reliable, efficient, and effective reduction of hydrocarbon emissions designed to meet your exact applications and requirements.  Our sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams have the experience and expertise in a range of industries, ensuring that your catalytic converter will meet or exceed your specifications. 

Three-way catalytic converters (TWC) are used for applications that require the simultaneous reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and other hydrocarbons. 

EST’s 3-way catalyst systems reduce NOx, CO, HC, VOC, and HAP emissions, with reductions up to 95% for NOx and hydrocarbons.  Features available for our custom-designed 3-way catalysts include:

  • Heavy gauge carbon steel and stainless steel housings
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting designs
  • Low pressure drop designs 
  • Flexible design of 3-way catalyst housings allow for retrofitting or installation into existing exhaust ducts
  • Simple and fast insertion and removal of catalyst elements
  • Converters can be manufactured with or without silencing 
  • Resistant to vibration, shock, and backfire damage
  • CNG Engine 3-Way Catalyst
  • LNG Engine 3-Way Catalyst

3 way Silencers 3 way Silencers 

Our 3-way catalytic converters are designed and manufactured to meet NESHAP regulations. 

Businesses using rich-burn engines face tough emissions compliance regulations, and the catalytic converter used to reduce the emissions must combine efficient emission control while minimizing the impact on engine performance.  EST’s three-way units are engineered to provide maximum emission control while maintaining engine power and performance.  

Our 3-way catalytic converters are custom designed to meet or exceed your application requirements, and to provide long-lasting, efficient, cost-effective performance. In addition, we offer expert repair or replacement for your equipment as needed to assure long-term compliance with your requirements and regulations.

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