Oxidation Silencer/Converters

Oxidation at work

Emissions and Silencer Technology (EST) manufactures industry-leading custom oxidation catalysts for lean-burn natural gas, diesel, dual-fuel industrial engines, and off-road applications. Known for our custom designs and high quality fabrication, EST’s oxidation catalysts provide long-lasting, low maintenance performance in production environments. Our sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams work with each client to ensure that your custom oxidation catalyst meets your exact application requirements.

Oxidation catalysts reduce emissions of CO and VOC emissions from lean-burn natural gas, diesel, dual-fuel industrial engines, and off-road applications. The catalytic converters are fabricated using metallic substrates that are coated with metal compounds, usually platinum or palladium, and enclosed in a stainless steel frame.  The resulting structure provides a large surface area, allowing for maximum reactions as the hot exhaust gasses pass through the converter.  As the hot exhaust reacts with the metals and oxygen, the hydrocarbon emissions are converted to carbon dioxide and water vapor and can be safely released.

EST’s oxidation catalysts reduce CO, HCHO, THC, VOC, and HAP emissions up to 95% for most exhaust components.  Features available for our custom-designed catalysts include:


  • Heavy gauge carbon steel and stainless steel housings
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting designs
  • Low pressure drop designs 
  • Flexible design of these oxidation catalyst housings, allowing for retrofitting or installation into existing exhaust ducts
  • Simple and fast insertion and removal of catalyst elements
  • Converters can be manufactured with or without silencing 
  • Resistant to vibration and shock damage


Our oxidation catalysts are designed and manufactured to meet NESHAP regulations. 

EST is experienced in manufacturing oxidation catalysts for a wide range of industries, including power generation, pumping stations, drilling, stationary gas compression, and many off-road applications.  Our team has the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture a catalytic converter that meets or exceeds your exact application requirements and meets the industry, code, and regulatory emissions requirements for your operation. We specialize in catalytic converters, and offer quick turnaround without sacrificing quality. In addition, we offer expert repair or replacement for your existing equipment.

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