SCR Silencer/Converters


Emissions and Silencer Technology (EST) is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom SCR systems for industrial and municipal applications. Used to reduce NOx emissions from diesel engines, gas turbines, natural gas engines, and other applications, EST’s SCR systems have earned the reputation for reliable, durable performance in harsh environments. Our sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams work with each client to ensure that your custom SCR system meets your exact application requirements. 

Selective catalytic reduction, or SCR, systems consist of an oxidation catalyst and a selective catalytic ceramic NOx reduction catalyst. Ammonia or aqueous urea is injected into the engine’s exhaust stream and reacts with the SCR catalyst, converting nitrogen oxide (NOx) into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.  The oxidation catalyst continues to remove CO and HAPs, while also removing excess ammonia and minimizing any ammonia slip. 

EST’s SCR systems reduce NOx, CO, and VOCs from exhaust streams, with reductions up to 95% for many applications.  Features available for our custom-designed SCR systems include:


  • Heavy gauge carbon steel and stainless steel housings
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting designs
  • Low pressure drop designs 
  • Flexible design of the SCR housings, allowing for retrofitting or installation into unique exhaust ducts
  • Simple and fast insertion and removal of catalyst elements
  • Converters can be manufactured with or without silencing 
  • Resistant to vibration, shock, and backfire damage


Our SCR systems are designed and manufactured to meet NESHAP regulations. 

EST’s expertise and experience in the design and manufacture of custom SCR systems ensure that your SCR system will be reliable, cost effective, and efficient, and meet or exceed your exact application requirements. Our SCR systems are designed to meet the industry, code, and regulatory emissions requirements for your operation. EST offers quick turnaround for our SCR systems without sacrificing quality. In addition, we offer expert repair or replacement for your existing equipment.

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