Silencers & Converters

Silencer ConvertersEST‘s catalytic silencer/converter designs are multi-chamber/absorptive types for the emission reduction and noise level required. Construction is heavy gauge, carbon steel or stainless steel, continuously welded, incorporating standard flanged inlet and outlets with pressure vessel-like construction. Specific engine exhaust temperature, exhaust flows, and exhaust emission levels will determine composition and size (volume) of the catalyst and silencer/converter. EST emission control units are custom designed for your specific site requirements.

EST Emissions & Silencing Solutions

  • Oxidation Silencer/Converters

    Oxidation silencer/converters provide an efficient solution for lowering exhaust emissions in "Lean" burn and diesel engines. Learn More >

  • Three-Way Silencer/Converters

    Three-way silencer/converters provide an efficient solution for the reduction of NOx in "Rich" burn natural gas engines. Learn More >

  • SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) Silencer/Converters

    SCR systems reduce the NOx emission. SCR systems provide an efficient emission reduction for "Lean" burn natural gas engines and diesel engines. Learn More >


Oxi/3-Way for Gas Compression